DATABASE OF CZECH COMPANIES (export of 2 000 articles)

DATABÁZE ČESKÝCH FIREM (2 000 exportů) Domů

Annual access to the online database of Czech com panies with the la rgest number of con tact de tails on the market. Possible to search for entities registered in the business and trade register of the Czech Republic. In addition, it is possible to search in the extensive database of Slovak companies.

Thanks to our solution, you can quickly search for potential customers, suppliers or competitors by field of activity, keywords, region, turnover category, number of employees or type of contact information. In addition, it is possible to search for entities from other countries, for example Slovak companies, which are also presented in the database.

Do you need to know all Czech companies with a turnover of over 100 million? Companies with 100 or more employees? Thanks to our database, you can easily find them in a few clicks.

The main parameters of the database of Czech and Slovak companies:

Czech Slovak
Companies 4 100 000 + 1 306 000 +
Phone numbers 738 619 161 150
E-mails 519 558 86 613
Web pages 307 662 75 593
       Activity descriptions 237 321 16 100

No one has more contacts in the database and, unlike other companies, we perform verification both automatically and manually. Basic data from the register are updated daily for Czech companies, and contact information is updated continuously. In the database of Slovak companies, the basic data is updated twice a year, and the contact data is also updated continuously.

Czech companies can be searched by:

  • branch of the CZ nation, type of business 
  • categories in external catalogues, more than 4,100 categories (only available in the version with 200,000 exports)
  • region, district, city, street (headquarters)
  • type of contact (phone, e-mail, website)
  • name
  • keywords in webpages
  • keywords in external catalogues (only available in the version with 200,000 exports)
  • turnover category of legal entities
  • number of employees
  • legal forms
  • type of e-shop (Prestashop, Shoptet, Shopify, Bigcommerce, ...)
  • typu of editorial system of www page
  • website flags (website with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Googles Ads,...)
  • date of establishment of the company
  • user-created labels
  • type of advertised vacancies (only available in the version with 200,000 exports)
  • and other parameters.

Video tutorial on how to search the database:

By purchasing you obtain:

Annual access to the database of Czech companies with credit for exporting companies according to chosen variant+ the possibility to search for entities from other countries in the database + CRM Expanzo for 1 year worth CZK 3,588 as a FREE gift.

You can also purchase the extended account Expanzo.comthat allows you to view ALL search results. 

Connecting with CRM Expanzo:

By purchasing the database you also obtain CRM Expanzo FREE (for recording business cases, tasks and meetings) worth CZK 3,588 without VAT. This is a VIP version for 12 months and 1 user, only with credit for exporting companies. More about CRM can be found at

CRM Expanzo allows you to record business cases, and at the same time serves as a tool to exclude already approached companies during a new search, so that you do not deal with the same company again in a short time - i.e. companies can be marked with a label and excluded during further search.

The price for the entire databse includes:

a/ Annual access to the online database of companies 
(enables the export or saving of 20,000 or 200,000 selected subjects, a preview of companies before export to check whether the companies meet your requirements. You can export to an Excel, CSV or XML file. The advantage of saving in the system is the possibility of working with the statement within CRM. The credit is deducted for each exported entity or entity saved in the statement. 1 credit = 1 entity/company).

b/ Custom creation of a database 
of 20,000 or 200,000 entities. According to your input, we will select the required entities from the entire set of contacts and send them to you in the agreed format.

The data is custom created based on data from public registers, open data, publicly presented data, surveys and call-center activities. Basic information from the registers is updated every day.

After the purchase, you will be able to search the entire database of, where you will also find information about Slovak companies, for example. Foreign databases are not yet continuously updated. To search for customers from other countries, we recommend purchasing custom country-specific databases.

You can also purchase a database with the export of 20,000 or 200,000 entities.

In the variant of the service of Export of 200,000 subjects you can search for companies according to advertised vacanciesategories in external catalogues (more than 4,100 categories) and keywords in external catalogues and export contacts displayed in them. Searching by advertised vacancies can also be useful for prospecting - for example, if you sell welding equipment, you can search for companies that are looking for welders, as they may be potential clients. Regarding vacant positions, you can search for subjects according to these parameters - profession, number of vacancies, salary, location, benefits, exchange rate. The system can be used, for example, by employment agencies. 

The database may contain

identification number, business name and address, postal address, post, zip code, municipality, region, telephone number, email address, website, fax, contacts from external catalogues, CZ NACE code including description in words, number of employees, annual turnover, contact person and her/his position in company, the date of company´s establishment, legal status, rating, VAT payer

Possibility to filter the database by

municipality, region, street, post, zip code, telephone number, fax, e-mail address, url, legal status, NACE code, number of employees, category of external catalogues, annual turnover, etc.

Product language

Language: czech
Language of columns in the tables: czech
Language of records in the tables: czech

Output format


150,00 € tax excl. 181,50 € tax incl.

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