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  • The database contains more than 4.1 million Czech companies and entrepreneurs. In total, the Czech companies database contains more than 2 694 261 active entities. Data are collected from...

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  • Databáze obsahuje více než 6 200 měst a obcí v ČR s kontaktem na starosty. Databáze obsahuje 5 329 telefonních čísel a 5 280 www stránek. Čísla mohou být i s kontaktem na starosty.

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  • The best and most comprehensive database of cities and villages in Czech Republic. 6 248 cities and villages with direct contact to mayor. 2017 update. Database contains 6228 phone...

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  • The database contains records of all Romanian companies. In total, the database features 644,036 companies. The database is created on the basis of marketing survey, and is also...

    Minimum order price178.00 € tax excl.Price for one company from0.06 € tax excl.
  • The database contains information about 38,708 companies and e-commerce entrepreneurs. In total, there are 37,949 entries with a mobile number and 38,169 emails.

    Price for whole database 551,37 € tax excl.
    667,16 € tax incl.
  • The database contains information on 42 798 healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic.

    Price for whole database 499,57 € tax excl.
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  • Database contains more than 2800 cities and towns in SR with contacts to mayors. Database contains 2 430 cellphone numbers and 2915 phone numbers.

    Price for whole database 329,34 € tax excl.
    398,51 € tax incl.
  • Database contains 3490 housing associations in Prague. Data is collected manually via keyword housing co-operative in 2017. Informations are being regularly updated, therefore the number...

    Price for whole database 258,66 € tax excl.
    312,98 € tax incl.
  • The database contains all active Polish companies, specifically 4 191 701 of them. The database is created on the basis of marketing survey, and is also continuously updated in this way...

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