SAMPLE - english name of database Czech Republic

The database contains more than 4.1 million Czech companies and entrepreneurs.  In total, the Czech companies database contains more than 880 000 active telephones, 560 000 emails and 305 000 WWW sites. Data are collected from public registers, marketing surveys, and activities of call-centres. Basic data in the database are reviewed and updated every day. Price includes either 200,000 or 20,000 records.

Number of records

Companies 4 100 000
Telephones 880 000
Emails 560 000
WWW sites 305 000

The database may contain

identification number, business name and address, postal address, post, zip code, municipality, region, telephone number, email address, website, fax, CZ NACE code including description in words, number of employees, annual turnover, contact person and her/his position in company, the date of company´s establishment, legal status, rating, VAT payer

Possibility to filter the database by

municipality, region, street, post, zip code, telephone number, fax, e-mail address, url, legal status, NACE code, number of employees, annual turnover, etc.

Product language

Language of columns in the tables: czech, english
Language of records in the tables: czech

Output format



Price for whole database

295,67 € tax excl. 357,76 € tax incl.
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