SAMPLE - english name of database Czech Republic

The number of entities in the database may change over time based on data updates.

This database contains:

  • Gas station
  • CNG stations
  • LPG station
  • Wholesale of fuel

Postal mail delivery is at 95-98%.

The functionality of the phone number is 95%.

Number of records

Companies 2 417
Telephones 1 952
Emails 1 181
WWW sites 1 271

The database may contain

name of the entity, field of activity, field, ID, street address, city, part of town, postal code, web, e-mail, telephone, mobile, fax

Product language

Language of columns in the tables: czech, english
Language of records in the tables: czech

Output format


Price for whole database

152,17 € tax excl. 184,13 € tax incl.

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