SAMPLE - english name of database Czech Republic

The database contains a total of 1,944 consultancy companies offering courses, seminars, training, etc.) Including branches (2046 data in total).

The total number of subjects and contact details are indicative and are updated continuously.

The database contains:

ecological courses
courses and training for companies
accounting and taxation courses
computer and internet courses
health courses and more

Postal mail delivery is at 95-98%.
The phone number functionality is 95%.

Number of records

Companies 1 944
Telephones 1 929
Emails 1 905
WWW sites 1 797

The database may contain

name of the entity, field of activity, field, ID, street address, city, part of town, postal code, web, e-mail, telephone, mobile, fax

Product language

Language of columns in the tables: czech, english
Language of records in the tables: czech

Output format

152,17 € tax excl. 184,13 € tax incl.

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